Joe Biluck, Jr.
Director of Operations & Technology
Medford Township Public Schools (NJ)

Currently the Director of Operations and Technology for Medford Township Public Schools, Mr. Biluck has twenty-nine years of experience in the field of educational support services and operations. His involvement with alternative transportation fuels and renewable energy technologies began in 1990. During this time he has worked closely with local, State, Federal officials and private sector firms to demonstrate the viability and benefits that sustainable strategies can bring school districts.

His knowledge of these technologies has resulted in the adoption of a variety of innovative programs that has allowed Medford Township Public Schools to realize considerable opportunities to reallocate existing dollars to support their educational goals.

For example, Medford Township Public Schools is the nation’s longest continuous user of biodiesel in a school bus fleet, four of their seven schools utilizes geothermal HVAC systems to provide heating and air conditioning, and most recently, construction is now complete on one of New Jersey’s largest solar electric arrays in a K-12 district. This project is expected to save the tax payers of Medford Township 7.2 million dollars over the next fifteen years with no negative monetary impact to the community. He also developed a first of its kind program that unifies energy procurement, conservation, and measurement & verification services. This powerful program can be utilized by most all New Jersey school districts though a shared services arrangement.

Mr. Biluck has had the privilege of sharing his experience to a number of organizations across the country. At a time when financial pressures prevent districts from achieving their educational goals, his presentations have provided relevant information and strategies to improve their respective conditions. These strategies permit interested districts to integrate sustainable practices at any level, from no cost conservation to highly advanced renewable energy systems. His presentations stress participation at any level of sustainability will realize local financial, educational, and environmental benefits while helping the nation achieve the broader goals of increased employment opportunities, greater energy independence, and improved air quality.

For their efforts, Mr. Biluck and Medford Township Public Schools have received recognition from a number of organizations. He is the recipient of the of the 2007 New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence award in the “Environmental Leadership” category. The district received the same award in the “Innovative Technology” category. Mr. Biluck is recipient of the 2005 National Biodiesel Board’s “Eye on Biodiesel” award in the “Inspiration” category and named the 2002 “Alternative Energy Pioneer” by the National Clean Cities program.